Band Hans Lange “Mickey” Lietz Thomas Müller Calling Blues Band -   Das sind:  - Thomas Müller, Drums,   der nach vielen Jahren   in unterschiedlichsten Bands   hier zu seinen Wurzeln zurückgefunden hat! - Hans Lange, Bass   Hans arbeitet in Berlin und   Umland als Musiklehrer und ist   hier der Mann für die tiefen Töne,   - mit Jahrzehnte langer Erfahrung, Jess Roberts - Mickey Lietz , Gitarre,   spielt von Bach über Ragtime und Finger-Picking   auf der Acoustic Gitarre, bis Jimi Hendrix und Robben Ford   auf der E-Gitarre stilsicher und virtuos.   Er spielte unter anderem mit: Der Band Jeanne d’Arc für das   Französische Government 1977 zum Feux de St.Johann;   Der Country Rock Band Earthwood Family 1979–1984   feat. Gunter Gabriel 1990; Der Band Lovers & Friends   America Tournee 1994; United Friends 1995; Joce­lyn B. Smith   „Live in Berlin“ 1997; Electric Rama 1998; The Guitar Brothers   support für Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) und Canned Heat.   CD „Always Runnin“ 1998–2000; Jesse Ballard 2006;   Berlin Blues Band 2008 und vielen mehr. - Jess Roberts, Gesang,   “Black Morning Blue” my first solo record is being recorded in San Diego with the best    collaboration of musicians from California.  It took me a while to get here but there    has been a plethora of great musicians I have worked and recorded with    to keep me keeping on.    My first solo single was released by the magnificent Geoff Dolman at Static Caravan.    “Voodoo Woman” by Koko Taylor featuring amazing musicians from Hyde and Beast     and The Futureheads and guitar bliss from David Lee Burdon.    B-side Blue Afternoon written by myself and Keith Woods aka Hush Arbors.    When I’m back in London I released Money(I Like You Better) with Believe    Digital records in 2013. I recorded with Nick Pride and The Pimptones for Record    Kicks as part of their 2012 album “Midnight Feast of Jazz” singing “Waitin So Long”    and was blessed to write “Second Hand Wife” with The Pimptones and Hannah Caughlin    for their 2014 “Rejuiced Phat Shake” out on Legere Recordings.    I´ve also had a couple great tracks out on Acid Jazz with Andy Lewis we recorded a single    “Good Soul In Good Times” with the b-side “Words Otis Sang”. But the man that who started    me on this whole path is Smoove-  he let me write and record on his album Dead Mens Shirts-    “Coming Back” was born in his tiny flat above The Tanners in Newcastle on a kareoke mic.